Transactions and Engagements

The following are some of Martin Tilson’s representative transactions and engagements:

Access To Capital
Represented venture capital and private equity funds in investment transactions, and in more than 400 subsequent acquisitions, sales and public offerings.

Outside counsel in the establishment of more than 200 growth companies from formation to financing, acquisitions, and exits through sale and public offerings.

Outside counsel to Healthcare software solutions company in several rounds of venture funding and took the company public.

Outside counsel to a $14B finance company, on fund formation and managed investments by their private equity fund, real estate fund, and venture capital fund.

Outside counsel to a national retail grocery chain in the spin-off of a retail gasoline/convenience store subsidiary. Counsel on subsequent sale of the national retail grocery chain to a private equity buyer.

Fund formation for venture capital funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, and mezzanine funds

Strategic Counsel
Retained by a Fortune 1000 credit processing company CEO to work with its business development team on technology strategy and acquisitions. Represented the company in multiple investments in synergistic technology companies.

Retained by a Fortune 1000 cable network CEO to work with him and his business development team on technology acquisition strategy. Represented the company in investments in synergistic technology companies.

Outside counsel to a public conferencing and communications company to advise on growth strategy. Managed several acquisitions and helped establish a venture capital division. Represented the group in making several investments in technology companies.

Outside counsel in the formation and development of an international chemical industry internet business exchange financed by six international chemical companies.

Outside counsel to a public telecommunications routing company, developing corporate strategy with the CEO, planning and managing a national and international acquisition strategy.

Business Transactions
Working with the initial founder, served as outside counsel to personal computer company from company formation through several financing rounds. Negotiated production and manufacturing agreements, developed vendor and sales agreements, supporting the introduction of the first flat screen computer selling for under $1,000.

Outside counsel to a private regional vending company from initial formation, through multiple rounds of financing, several acquisitions, divestitures, debt restructuring and refinancings.

Outside counsel for a minority investor CEO in the purchase of 100% of a private company that designs, builds and maintains retail structures, as well as the subsequent purchase of a competitor of equal size, and the creation of a new international division.

Outside counsel for the CEO/Owner of a $100M private healthcare patient information processing company in the sale to an international private equity fund.

Outside counsel for a national paper products packaging company in developing the labor defense strategy to prepare against labor organizing in 90 plants.

IP Strategy
Outside counsel to a private national defense R&D contracting company managing corporate legal functions from IP Strategy, to R&D contracting and corporate finance.

Organized and managed a joint venture between the Boston Consulting Group and a law firm to provide proactive IP strategy for a public check processing company.

Organized the IP Strategy for the acquisition of a French company by a global fiber, wire and cable manufacturing company.

Outside counsel to a national radio broadcast company to develop IP strategy for the development and launch of an online business.

Organized an intellectual asset management system to advise companies with IP portfolios on cost reduction and strategic focus on matching pro-active IP protection against 3-5 year plans.

Advised numerous growth companies on IP strategy for cost containment and pro-active blocking tactics.