Southeast Investor Group

Southeast Investor Group Р

SEIG serves the region as a destination for unique technology based companies.

SEIG targeted business sector industries include:

Business Products (B2B), Wireless, Consumer Products (B2C), Cloud Services, Communications/Media/Entertainment, Data Analytics, Fintech, Healthcare IT, Logistics/Distribution software, and Network Security, among others.

SEIG targeted stage of growth:

We look for companies that are moving beyond early friends and family angel rounds, up and through A and B rounds of growth financing. In many cases, a company needs capital to expand their sales staff, fully execute their sales strategy, or support the production level to meet demand.

Companies will be invited to access the Member Portal and asked to complete an application and upload supporting company documents. SEIG curates the companies placing them in category of stage, and industry for members to review.

Once an application is completed, companies can continue to update their information as they make progress or reach other milestones. Once applied, companies are eligible to be considered for selection in all following months for presentations to members.

SEIG uses an eight member screening committee to select companies to make live presentations each month.

A company may be asked to present at our monthly meeting in Atlanta or they may also be invited to make a presentation on a scheduled SEIG webcast. After companies have presented, they are contacted, and SEIG often hosts longer follow-up meetings.